How To Get Featured On TikTok With These Simple Tips

TikTok is one of the most popular social media applications. During the lockdown period it has reached 315 million installs. It has challenges, dance routines, creating own videos and recreating other videos. What is TikTok for your pages? This is the main place of content users.This article elaborates a few excellent ways to reach the TikTok For you page. 

Optimize Your Content For FYP

If your content is good to users who watch your video, then your videos will appear on FYP. When your video appears on FYP, it shows  the success of your account. To get featured on the TikTok FYP, you need to create content that interacts and entertains the audience. It Video quality is a first and foremost factor that you should ensure to make your videos to the FYP. On using TikTok For you page, you can gain more followers and reach 10k followers quickly to make use of the creator fund on TikTok, through which you can earn money by uploading videos.

Use Proper Hashtags

If you want to boost the visibility for your content and make your video go viral, you should use the trending hashtags which suit your content perfectly. 

Keep away from using hashtags that miss out on keyword, the hashtag #fyp and  #For you to increase the chances of your video to go viral.

Basic Hashtag Rules

  •  Select and use the right number of trending hashtags.
  • Accept hashtag challenges.
  • Use other hashtags in addition to  #fyp and #For you
  • You need to do some experiment on the hashtags which suit your videos.

Create Short Videos

Create short videos instead of long videos to increase the video completion rate and take your video to the lead position in the For you page.  Not all users are patient enough to spend their time on watching longer videos that span 60 seconds.Rather, you can create short and clear videos that run between 15 to 30 seconds that most people prefer watching.

Write Engaging Captions

The maximum character limit allowed for captions is 150 which should include the right hashtags, emojis and the key  message that you need to convey to your audience. The captions should be short, perfect hashtags, encouraging and interesting. Your caption should give an attraction to the audience, so use some mysterious words like “do what is right – not what is easy”. This type of captions helps viewers to watch your video until the end. Next you can ask any question related to your content in the captions and viewers may reply through the comment section. Ignoring captions is a big miss on engagement rates. In case, you feel your engagement drop, you need to check it out after adding appropriate captions for your posts. Alongside writing attractive captions, you can reach your expected engagement with buy cheap TikTok likes for your video content to bolster engagement and reach for your profile.

Post High Quality Videos

      Your video must be in good quality because viewers will notice the quality of your video beside your content. If your video quality is low, it is one of the reasons you haven’t got to the top position.  Try not to post the videos with blurry, grainy and low quality.

In general, high quality videos achieve a good completion rate and certainly rank on the top position in the For you page. Smartphones with high – resolution give an HD video quality like that of big budget gadgets.You must spend some time to make edits for your video like adding stickers,transitions and filters before you post the video to make it interesting and entertaining. 

Remember to create short videos which help you to increase the completion rate of your video. While your completion rate is higher it makes your video rank top in For you page. Follow these simple tips to get on TikTok For you page.