Most Viewed Videos On TikTok For Inspiration

TikTok goes viral beyond it. With over 500 million active users worldwide, TikTok becomes the king of social media that draws the most people’s attention.

TikTok helps online marketers with many new opportunities. To hire the opportunity:

  • You want to know about marketing tips on TikTok.
  • The outclass TikTok videos
  • Most viewed TikTok videos category

In this article, you can get easy tips for TikTok marketing as well as the list of most viewed videos recently on TikTok for inspiration. 

Different types of TikTok videos:

If you are starting to make videos for TikTok, you can use the following types of videos to create and post.

  • Funny videos
  • Show skills
  • Dancing videos
  • Cooking videos
  • Educational videos
  • Inspirational videos
  • Spoof videos
  • Voice over videos, and so on.

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Videos on TikTok for inspiration

     Sound imitation video:

To get success in the TikTok, you need to attract the viewer’s attention from the first second itself. Sound imitation video is one who makes different sounds and noises for background videos. It looks more realistic. While watching the video, the presence of mind for a viewer would be whether he is real or not.

     Surprise video:

It is the theme of when a guy holding his friend’s phone asks, “Hey, Smith…. Does your phone swim?” and thus, he catches the viewer’s attention. Now, he throws the phone to the swimming pool and his friend jumps into the swimming pool.

It creates everyone surprising how his friend Smith catches his phone in mid-air. The togetherness of unexpected events and surprise turns out the video outstanding.

     Lip-syncing video:

It is a popular theme on the TikTok network. It is a lip-syncing video for the overlay videos. 

For example, if the song sound is muted, and one sings the lyrics with the exact movement of lip actions, it looks realistic. 

     Special attractions video:

If a strange animal walks towards a lady in the wild region, even the sound for the video is unfair; people are attracted to the strange animal. Their question will be, “what’s that animal?” and leads them to watch a full video. Though their entire focus on the unnatural animal, the sound will not be an important requirement.

     Scare video:

It is a type of video that makes the viewers scary. If someone is walking on a glass surface, and it starts cracking suddenly, both the visuals and sound create scary effects for the viewers. 

In the end, the glass didn’t crack; actually, the video’s unexpected results make the viewers rewatch.

     Funny illusion video:

People love illusions videos. Especially if they are real. If anyone makes their skill perfectly by combining the sound effects and visuals in the best manner. Then, the video looks very realistic and attracts viewers’ attention towards your videos. 

     Dancing video:

It is a video that shows their dancing skills from their dance moves. Without a great song, the video would not be right to view. Choose an excellent song and deliver dance skills.

     Funny makeup videos:

Everyone likes to change into acuteness within a second. It is the video theme of a guy who applies makeup himself and changes his attire within a fraction of seconds.

In the end, he looks cuter. And also, the video has superb visuals. The speed covering of makeup and his changes make the video worth watchable more and more.

     Magic trick videos:

Magic tricks videos are exciting, and it should be well executed. When a girl with a box standing on the stage, viewers would have no option of what is going to happen. When she lifts the box, viewers think that her legs should appear.

But she becomes smaller and disappears without damaging the box, and the box falls into the ground. “Where did she go?” will be viewers’ questions, and it attracts the audience’s attention.

     Two characters video:

It is the type of video with two different styles from the single man. He wears different clothes in a single video and used to keep a handbag in his hand to bring the girl’s character. The significant sound effects and his facial expressions for two different styles bring the video more views.

     Sea animal video:

Seeing a vast sea animal is always an exciting thing. It gives the viewers a closer look at the most extensive sea animals. 

Sounds are not required because viewers look deeply into the gigantic sea animal. The video looks more real if the video creator makes the video with clear sounds.

     Showing talent video:

Looking at other’s talents and skills is always an interesting one. A man with good bodybuilding does the things that the viewer thinks that is impossible. It does not require sound neediness, but if the creator worked with sound, the video even looks more attractive.

     Fake celebrity video:

People like celebrities that they stand with millions of followers online. If someone makes a video with sounds of cheering. It makes the viewers grab the video to think that they are a celebrity with a massive crowd waiting outside.

But they are not celebrities. When the camera turns into the cheering side, there will be no one there. It makes the video more interesting and funny. 

     Comedy video:

People pick good videos to get a good laugh and feel fresh. It is the primary reason why comedy videos rule online. A video of a boy falling from a bicycle is so funny. And also, a video creator correctly used the audio. It makes the video look more real.