For marketing, Instagram is a new frontier that has a huge potential to grab new audiences and customers. The Instagram app is ranked as the sixth world’s most famous social media network by having more than one billion worldwide active users, as of July 2019. Users love the platform for its strong upbeat vibe and visual focus. Te utilization key to making Instagram marketing successfully in 2020, as with the other strong social media platforms, is building a strong, engaged following. 


You can choose whether your account on Instagram will be a business account or a personal account when you are joining Instagram. For business and brands business account is the ideal one because it lets you run Paid ads, connect your Instagram account with your business page on Instagram, and view analytics, and for your followers, it makes the easiest way to connect. For establishing your brand’s presence, you better have a separate business account. And more Instagram impressions  will allow you to implement many marketing tips and lets you analyze strategies for both big business and small business. 


You can tell everything about your followers up to 150 char. Wisely use this space. Make sure that you added your website link in bio. You can use hashtags in your Instagram bio; it will help many more audiences find your Instagram profile. It is very easy to fill your Instagram bio for small brands and businesses. Your profile look is very important because Instagram is a visual platform. You can use a certain style of images, fonts, and color palettes that will help your profile look great.  Mae, your followers, associate immediately with your brand and your content.


For businesses, one of the most important features on Instagram is hashtags. It will make the people a possible easy way to finding and following your content. Hashtags are well performed on Instagram for businesses. It added a special feature recently that will tell how many many users found your content with the hashtags’ help. Hashtags are real, powerful tips for Instagram marketing for large businesses and small businesses. 


Instagram is not only for photos but also for videos. Videos are more fun and more engaging, and you will have many more various ways to post them on Instagram. In Instagram feed, you can create and upload videos up to one minute, and you can share. And you can create a 15 seconds videos and sharing them through your stories. Instagram has introduced a new special feature called Instagram television IGTV. by creating videos on Instagram, you can boost your account.